Saturday Rosary Blessings

Welcome to the home of a happily married stay at home mom of a toddler, adoptee and metastatic breast cancer thriver who could not make it in this life without the Love of God and Power of Prayer.  Whatever you are going through today I pray for you.

Hand it all over to God. LOVE ALWAYS WINS. Prayer is so powerful. I love saying the Rosary. You don’t need to be catholic to pray the Rosary. It’s a beautiful way to meditate on the good, to make for a more relaxed peaceful day. That makes for a better day for all.  The only one I can really trust is my God, and the what I believe to be the greatest success book ever written: the Bible.

Just saying. Sharing is caring. I’m doing my best to take captive every thought. Take care. Make it a great day peeps. Join me on my favorite social hangouts, together we can do our best to share, celebrate and inspire others. Hopefully we can make someone’s day a little better and brighter. Life is good on this beautiful new Saturday. Have a happy blessed weekend with your family, friends and loved ones. Make good memories. Enjoy the little things, the little things are the BIG things in life. See it now, believe it. Coffee cheers.  Thank you God for this beautiful new day, in Jesus name AMEN.


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