I’m A Survivor

WELCOME TO LIFEBYTERESA.COM the home of a happily married stay at home mom of a toddler, adoptee and metastatic breast cancer survivor who could not make it in this life without the love of God and power of Prayer. I got this cool Survivor coffee mug the other day from Amazon (see here).

If you know someone who is a Survivor of Breast Cancer this would make a great gift for them. You can read more and order this cup using my link HERE. Your order will be very much appreciated, I give back all that I make to Breast Cancer research. So others have a chance to win the fight.

This Survivor coffee mug says. 

“I’m a survivor,
What’s your superpower?”

Order HERE.

When you order this using my link, I will use the money I make from your purchase to give back to the fight against breast cancer. Thank you for helping me reach my 2018 goals of giving back what was given to me. That way someone else has a chance to win the breast cancer fight.

I also got these tea’s as well.

Make it a great day peeps.


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