When Parents Die, Grief And Life After!


Remember what your parents did It will be very helpful as you go on in life without them once they are gone to be with the lord in heaven. You will grieve and be sad, feel your feelings and grieve on your time. After, you will be left with good memories and gifts you didn’t expect.

So many gifts of goodness are opening up for me lately. Especially since my breast cancer battle began in December of 2016 and more so now since this new year 2018 started.

The seeds my parents have planted, they are GIFTS from my MOM and DAD and they are growing. They are opening up as I get older, wiser and grow in Mind and Spirit. Life lessons are helping me see clearer than ever now that these gifts are opening up for me as time goes on. I’m SO grateful. Thank you Mom and Dad. I love you. I miss you both so much.  I may not have known why at the time, in my younger more naive years. Thank you and forgive me for my foolish stupid ways of the past. I wish you could be here to see Emma. I know you are smiling down on us, proud parents looking on with joy as your family does its best to go on in this life without you. Until we meet again.



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